Verinn the GooSynth (blender+vrc)

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Verrin model by ZealotDKD

release version 1:

Verinn model created and owned by ZealotDKD

Rigging and porting by crescent tech.

Verrin created by Aver-art


SFW Verrin model for VRC and blender (,animation, skinning.)


the buyer of the model has the rights to use it for the following:

any non commercial(unpaid) usage

to create renderings or animations commercially or for free, patreon included

to create skins for others commercially or for free, with the requirement that the reciever also purchases a copy of the model

all posts including the sergal model or modifications of it should include a link to one of my sites (discord, furaffinity, twitter, telegram)

Not allowed:

usage in game projects without getting Zealot+aver consent first

claiming to be the creator of the model

posting material relating to the model without linking back to one of my sites

I provide custom model services, contact me if you would like to commission your own skin or other model.

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Verinn the GooSynth (blender+vrc)

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